5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Roof (House Roofing)

Who doesn’t want to have their roof lasts them forever? We all want to, but the reality all roofs has expiry dates

They expire through time. Gradually, they weaken and will call for replacement. However, you can extend the life of your roof for a little while by conducting regular maintenance.
Maintenance is done by checking the strengths and weaknesses of your roof every now and then. The roof inspectors and maintenance experts will solve any issues they see and will advice proper prevention techniques whenever necessary.
To get you started, here are some maintenance tips to extend the life of your roof through the help of professional roofers.

Repair Leaks or Damages Right Away
One of the best tips to lengthen the life expectancy of any roofing structure is to take care of any damage or leaks soon as you notice them. Don’t neglect even the smallest problems, which can only make things worse. If you are in a hurry, then you can take note of the issue you saw and get back to it later on or call your roofing experts for advice.

Most homeowners feel nervous about the cost of roof replacement and may assume that they can live with some leaks here and there to save money. What they don’t know is that they can save more money if they call in the help of professionals at the soonest time possible who can fix tiny problems before they get bigger. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger. Move, take action as soon as you see them.

Prevention of Mildew, Moss and Mold Growth
Anything which grows on your roof can possibly break down the materials and lead to serious damages in time. Professional roofing contractors can address this issue using the right solutions. They can remove the moss and other mold growth on your roof and prevent them from coming back.

Keep the Gutters and Roof Free from Debris
Whether your gutters have a buildup of fallen leaves or a large branch that broke off from the nearby tree, it is a must to clear any clutter off on a regular basis. A large branch will not only scrape and damage the shingles but clogged gutters can also create a water backflow which can cause rot or damaging ice beneath the shingles and even into your home. So it is always best to clean your roofs regularly.

Search for Signs of Insect or Animal Damage
Another important thing to look out for when you are in your attic is for any sign of insect damage or animal activity. You might not be aware that mice, raccoons and squirrels have found their way to your attic for shelter and warmth. Of course, you can always find insects everywhere and can cause as much damage in time. Search for droppings, spots where wood is chewed, burrow holes or any other kind of holes.

Check around Skylights, Utilities and Chimneys
Any spot in your home where the roof has been interrupted by a skylight, pipe, chimney or other items must be inspected carefully and regularly for signs of damage. Check the crawlspace or attic below the roof and search for signs of mold or water coming into the house. Rusted nails and discolored boards could indicate some form of leak.

Just a simple word of reminder: before you try any of these roof maintenance tips, ensure that everything is perfectly secure and safe. Better, ask assistance from the roofing experts in your locality. Ask recommendations from your friends so you can choose the best.

Roofing Material of the Month: Bourbon Shingles

Whether you’re building your first home or remodeling your old one, roofing materials are an important part of the process. In this article, we’ll look at one popular option – bourbon roofing shingles – and what makes them so great for both older and new homes alike. We’ll also touch on the benefits of working with roofers during your home-building or remodeling project, no matter what kind of material you use on your roof.

What are they?
They’re called bourbon shingles because they’re made with a bourbon barrel extract. So, what’s in that extract? The manufacturer doesn’t say. But I bet it isn’t bourbon—the amount is probably negligible. Here are my guesses about what it might be: Oak extract. Wood flour. Isopropyl alcohol (to help it dry faster). A few other chemicals (to help bind things together and make up for volume loss from evaporation). None of these should have any negative effect on humans or animals (or plants), but if you’re curious/paranoid, you can contact an industrial chemist and ask him to run a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis on your roofing shingles before laying them down. I bet he will decline.

How do they compare to other materials?
Compared to asphalt, metal, and slate roofing materials, bourbon shingles actually have a fairly short lifespan. The good news is that they don’t require any additional maintenance during their lifetime. Asphalt roofs will need to be re-shingled occasionally to ensure longevity; metal roofs tend to corrode in certain climates and thus require painting every few years; and slate roofs are expensive (though beautiful) and will degrade over time.

What do they cost?
You may ask yourself, How much are bourbon shingles? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got your answer right here. We typically don’t cover prices of our roofing materials on our website, but bourbon is an exception to that rule! Check out these numbers on average costs for bourbon barrel asphalt shingles $49-$59 per square, depending on how many bottles make up a single square (usually 2-4). For example, a 400 sq. ft. two-story home will run you $1604 – $2048; including labor and cost of supplies like fasteners and metal flashing. That’s only around five bucks per square foot… not bad at all!

Where can you buy them?
You can buy bourbon shingles from any qualified roofer. A quick search on google helps you find a qualified roofer. For example if you are located in Dallas, PA type into google “roofing companies near dallas, PA”. Creating a search like this one will help you find the best contractor nearby. Furthermore these types of roof are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes and colors. While they’re not cheap, you can be sure that your house will look amazing with these shingles on top! Not only do they make your house look good, but they also help insulate it, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter! Before you decide which type of roofing material to choose for your home, give bourbon shingles a second look! Your friends will thank you.

Who should install them?
Bourbon Shingles are designed to be installed by an experienced and licensed roofer. Though homeowners can install these shingles themselves, it is a dangerous and extremely complex process. If you’re looking for new roofing materials, talk to your local roofer. Your roofer will have a wealth of knowledge on all types of shingle materials, including bourbon shingles.